Your 2 Cents: Unaccompanied Children Being Housed At Fort Sill

Wednesday, July 16th 2014, 10:33 pm
By: News 9

I shared some of my personal observations after touring the facility at Ft. Sill, currently housing unaccompanied children who crossed the border illegally. That set off a heated conversation among viewers…

Maria was angry that I pointed out the cleanliness of the facility:

"Where you expecting chaos and fecal matter every where? ? They are children from another country, not animals."

I talked about the kids making phone calls and Kay wrote:

"They need to be calling their families and telling them to meet their children at the boarder, because they are coming bavk home."

James wrote:

"Welcome to the USA, refugees. I am very sad about the circumstances that motivated you to risk your life to come to us.."

Laura said:

"no money should be allotted, or military manpower for illegals. They are cutting benefits for active duty & our families, yet these kids are receiving better than the combat vets."

Reba from Del City:

"I'd like to have free housing and medical insurance or at least be able to go to the dr."

Traci in Yukon:

"The most "stifled" My2Cents I've ever seen. But anyone paying attention...can read between the "lines". I agree with everything you couldn't say Kelly."