OKC Archbishop Files Lawsuit Over Black Mass

Wednesday, August 20th 2014, 10:08 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City's Archbishop filed a lawsuit Thursday against a local devil worshiper who has planned a “Black Mass” at the downtown Oklahoma City Civic Center next month. 

Archbishop Paul Coakley is asking a district judge to stop the “Black Mass” scheduled for September 21. 

Coakley claims Satanic Priest Adam Daniels stole an object from the Catholic Church that Daniels will use in the “Black Mass.” 

Daniels says such a claim is ridiculous. He calls the lawsuit “frivolous” and says he plans a civil suit against the Archbishop as well. 

“Basically, they are trying to defame my character as well as my church's character by creating an accusation and bearing false witness to their neighbor, which is one of their 10 commandments,” he said. 

Archbishop Coakley issued a statement Wednesday that says in part, “The consecrated host, which has been obtained illicitly from a catholic church, is to be desecrated the vilest ways imaginable as an offering in sacrifice to Satan.” 

So far, Daniels' group has sold only 39 tickets to their “Black Mass.”