Russell Westbrook Pulls No Punches In Reddit AMA

Wednesday, October 14th 2015, 6:51 pm
By: News 9

Russell Westbrook hopped on the community forum site Reddit for an Ask-Me-Anything segment where the point guard answered all the important questions.  Here are Westbrook's top nine revelations:

1. Russell's pregame meal is a PB&J. Cut into triangles. With Skippy peanut butter. Jif, be gone.

2. If Russ weren't in the NBA, he would have gone into real estate or fashion. Paging Jimmy Goldstein.

3. Russell's favorite video game of all time is 007 Goldeneye. If anyone could have beaten the "Aztec" level, it's him.

4. Steven Adams is not only the funniest guy on the Thunder, but in the entirety of OKC.

5. Russ' favorite sports to watch are tennis, bowling and, of course, hoops. No word on whether Pete Weber or Roger Federer will be coming to any Thunder games.

6. Russell got his unique fashion sense from his mom. A tour of her closet must be quite the trip.

7. As a kid growing up in Los Angeles, Russ' favorite player was Magic Johnson. Russ will probably be the Magic Johnson to a handful of future NBA guards.

8. When back in Cali, Russ' favorite hangout spot is Beverley Hills. That's where he wants to in Beverly Hills. Weezer, anyone?

9. When asked who his favorite player was to posterize, the Thunder star responded simply with "You." Oh, Russ.