Peacocks Causing Troubles For An Edmond Woman

Monday, May 30th 2016, 9:45 pm
By: News 9

An Edmond woman says a small pack of peacocks is causing problems.  

Laura Cox lives in the Stone Pointe 2 neighborhood in east Edmond.

She says a male and a female peacock showed up on the scene about five years ago, and there are now at least seven.  

She said the birds’ loud screams bother her mother, who is fighting an aggressive form of cancer, and the birds’ large talons have wreaked havoc on the paint jobs of vehicles around the neighborhood.  

Cox said the original male peacock has also damaged shingles on her roof.  

This is not about her hating animals. Cox has two pet cats, and keeps bird feeders and a bird bath in her backyard.  

She says the only way she is able to drive the peacocks away is by shooting water at them from her garden hose.

“If I hit 'em, they’ll shoot down the back of the roof, they will go away for a little bit,” she said.  

She said she doesn’t want the birds’ harmed, but just moved to another place.  

An Edmond spokesperson told News 9 Monday this is something that animal welfare would have the authority to look into.  

News 9 spoke with a handful of neighbors Monday afternoon. Not one of them would express their opinions on camera.