Victim Files New Motion Surrounding Joe Mixon Assault Video

Friday, December 9th 2016, 10:27 pm
By: News 9

Amelia Molitor, the woman OU running back Joe Mixon punched two years ago, filed a new motion to block the release of the assault video on Thursday.

Molitor’s Attorney Ben Baker told News 9 that there is a second Picklemans’ videotape of the incident. And unless both videos are released to the public, neither one should be released. 

The Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters sued the City of Norman and Cleveland County two years ago, to compel them to release the first videotape to the public. This past Tuesday, the State Supreme Court ruled in the OAB’s favor.

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OAB Attorney David McCullough said Molitor’s late request should be denied.

“The case is over. She had an opportunity to intervene when this started. She didn’t do it. She had an opportunity to intervene at the court of appeals, but she didn’t do it. She had the opportunity to maybe interject herself into the case once the Supreme Court said we’ll hear it. But where we are now is the Supreme Court has decided it,” said McCullough.

McCullough said if there is a second videotape, he’d like to see it, but it would have no bearing on the Supreme Court ruling. 

Baker said he’d prefer that neither video be released to the public until the legal proceedings are over.