Veterinarian Combats Shortage With Children's Book Series

Thursday, August 3rd 2017, 6:43 pm
By: News 9

Pet doctors are not always easy to find in rural areas, but Dr. Rebekah Hartfield is looking to change that with a new series of children's books.

“Rosie The Pig” was inspired by a story on Hartfield’s own farm, and she is hoping it encourages kids to keep their love for animals for life.

Life is always an adventure at the Hartfield homestead, where the veterinarian and her husband Preston raise dozens of dogs, pigs, cows and horses. Plus, at the vet clinic in Cushing where she works, each day is a surprise. “I’ll have dogs, cats, goats, pigs, a few crazy bulls,” she says. “You never know.”

The problem is people may come from as far as an hour away to get treatment for their furry friends. Hartfield notes, “There is a shortage of large animal vets specifically.”

When Hartfield's niece Abby helped nurse Rosie the pig through a bout with pneumonia, however, she got an idea. “Just seeing the excitement on her face about learning and just being able to have hands on experience was just really awesome,” says Hartfield.”

After that experience “Rosie The Pig,” the book, was born. It is the first in a series of six entertaining, interactive stories that also educate along the way. Hartfield says, “You can go through and kind of quiz yourself on the instruments that we use every day and then check yourself at the end.”

The second book, coming out in May 2018, will feature Pistol the horse as Abby and Dr. H help him heal from a nasty cut.

To top it off, a portion of Hartfield's proceeds will go towards a scholarship at Oklahoma State University, her alma mater, to help others fulfill their passion for pets, “specifically for…kids who want to practice in rural medicine, large animal mixed breed practice,” she says.

Hartfield will be debuting “Rosie The Pig” at the Pet Expo at the Cox Convention Center this weekend, and Rosie herself will be joining her Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

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