Oklahoma City Attorney Allegedly Arrested In Connection With Triple Homicide In Beggs

Saturday, September 14th 2019, 10:07 pm
By: Storme Jones

Oklahoma City attorney Keegan Harroz was arrested for intimidating a witness who just so happened to be a victim in last week's triple homicide in Beggs, Oklahoma, sources told News 9.

Okmulgee County deputies found Tiffany Eichor and her parents, 65-year-old Jack Chandler and 69-year-old Evelyn Chandler, dead in their home in Beggs last Saturday.

Court documents revealed a violent past between Eichor and her ex-boyfriend Barry Titus.

In 2018, Eichor told investigators Titus frequently strangled her and on one occasion -- pistol whipped her.

Court records show Eichor had broken ribs and damaged liver and kidneys following the attack.

Eichor filed a protective order against Titus. He was arrested for domestic abuse, strangulation and kidnapping. He pleaded not guilty, bonded out of jail and is awaiting his day in court.

His attorney in the case -- Keegan Harroz.

Harroz's former law partner and boyfriend David Bedford told News 9, Harroz is not only representing Titus, the two are also in a romantic relationship.

Bedford said investigators approached him Friday with questions about the triple homicide. He said authorities asked him to review a video of two people believed to be involved in the murders.

Bedford said the video was not clear enough to make the ID but he believes Harroz and her new boyfriend could be involved because of the violent past.

In fact -- He recently raised concerns with the Oklahoma Bar Association. Bedford said he warned the bar about Harroz representing her boyfriend.

Bedford even alerted them to the domestic case filed against Titus saying quote, "someone is going to end up dead."

Harroz was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail Friday, however officials will not tell News 9 what crime she was arrested for. News 9 sources said it's for intimidating a witness.