OKLAHOMA CITY - On a quiet weekday night, friends and family of Shelly Bland are celebrating what would be her 50th birthday, and the life she lived. 

"It's really important for us that nobody forgets mom," said her daughter Jordan Turner.

Like the 167 others, Bland is immortalized with a chair at the Oklahoma National Memorial and Museum. It was at that same chair a few years ago, a young girl made a big difference.

It was at the 2017 OKC Memorial Marathon, when Madison Bowman laid the medal she won at Bland's chair after her race. This, after she noticed it was one of the few that was empty.

"She left it and I asked if this is what she wanted to do, because she wouldn't have her medal to remember the race," said Crystal Mars, Madison's mom.

From there, one thing led to the next and they eventually got in contact with Bland's daughter Jordan. Four at the time of the bombing, Jordan now has a four-year-old of her own.

"When I first saw Crystal's message I cried. I told her I was ugly crying, it really meant a lot to us," she said.

For Jordan, a simple gesture of kindness like Madison's was a difference maker. And when it comes to remembering her mother, it's a hope for the future generations.

"It's really touching that they were able to do this, and I really commend Crystal for raising such a special girl," she said.