46-Year-Old Man Killed After Shooting At Broken Arrow House, Suspect Arrested

Monday, September 20th 2021, 5:11 pm
By: Amelia Mugavero, News On 6

TULSA, Oklahoma -

One man is now in custody, charged with killing a man inside his Broken Arrow home Sunday night.

Broken Arrow Police said they're still working on a motive. They arrested Cody O'Bryan Monday afternoon, less than 16 hours after the crime. Investigators said they made the arrest so quickly because they had help from witnesses and plenty of evidence.

"When we came that way, we saw someone basically hysterically crying and we knew something was wrong," said neighbor Megan Wheat.

Wheat told News on 6 she has lived in the neighborhood for more than five years. She said the area is typically quiet, so she and her family were were shocked when several police cars rushed to her street last night.

"We were letting our puppy out, and saw a bunch of cops and came and looked outside and saw a line of cars cop cars down the street. We didn't know what was going on, so we are just confused," Wheat explained. 

Police said they were called to this home off of Waco Place around 8 p.m. Sunday night. The found 46-year-old Paul Bernius dead from several gun shot wounds to the chest.

Broken Arrow police and U.S. Marshals arrested O'Bryan in Jenks. Officer Christopher Walker said this is BA's fourth homicide this year.

"We are one of the safest cities in the nation and arguably the safest city in Oklahoma. This year is rare, this is our fourth homicide of the year hopefully we can keep that number down," Walker said. 

Investigators said they believe the two men were friends, but don't know what led to the shooting.

"It can be hundreds of pieces of information you have to put together like a jigsaw puzzle until they fit together. Once they do, it goes rather quickly," Walker said. 

Officers did say they were called out several times this week for a disturbance at the same home.

Records show O'Bryan was charged last November in Rogers County with assaulting a police officer and threatening a violent act and resisting arrest. Those charges are pending.

O'Bryan is charged with first-degree murder in this case.