Day 3: Fabion Brown's Girlfriend Tells All On The Witness Stand

Tuesday, June 24th 2014, 7:28 pm
By: News 9

Emily Matheson is one of the state's key witnesses in the murder trial against Fabion Brown.

Brown is defending himself against murder and conspiracy charges in the death of his estranged wife, Jessica McPherson Brown, and her unborn baby.

Matheson made a deal with the state in 2013 to testify against Brown in exchange for a lighter sentence for her role in the murder.

Prosecutors used Matheson's testimony to walk the jurors through the inner workings of the alleged plot to kill Brown's wife.

Matheson told the jury they paid a hit man $250 dollars to kill Jessica so they could get sole custody of the children. She admitted she had second thoughts, but went through with the plan because she had low self-esteem.

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She also said Brown insisted it was the only way they would get the kids in the pending divorce and live together happily.

In the month before the murder, Matheson claimed, they ironed out the plans by obtaining alibis and renting the getaway car for the hit man, Broderick Glover.

Glover was told to use a gun in the killing and to spare the children.

Matheson testified things that their murder plot started to fall apart, including her alibi. Investigators began looking at her and Brown as suspects. She later confessed.

Brown challenged her testimony in cross examination, trying to point out Matheson acted alone in paying the hit man after the murder. He questioned her motive from the crime by suggested she acted out of jealousy.

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Brown also tried to point out that Matheson pointed the fingers at him, only after detectives told her about his infidelity. She said, "No. It was the right thing to do."

Matheson pled guilty to her role in the murder and was sentenced to 15-years in prison.

Brown asked her, "So you will be 35 and can go out, establish a life, and plan another murder?"

She replied, "I don't think I will be planning any other murders."