Day 3: Testimony Continues In Rape Trial Of Former OKC Officer

Wednesday, November 4th 2015, 2:48 pm
By: News 9

Testimony continues in the rape trial of a former Oklahoma City police officer accused of sexually-assaulting women while on-duty. 

The first person to testify on Wednesday was one of the 13 alleged victims who said Holtzclaw sexually assaulted them during a traffic stop. During the trial, Holtzclaw’s attorney asked the first victim if she is suing both Holtzclaw and the City of Oklahoma City for money. She said “yes.”

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The first victim said she had to go to counseling for her fear of police officers after her reported assault. She said she had a mini stroke, too.

The second person to take the stand was the fiancé of the first victim who testified. He said on the night of the June incident, the victim told him she had been attacked and was crying.

The fiancé testified that on the night of the incident, the victim told him that she was pulled over by a police officer. She said the officer put her in the back of a patrol car and asked her to perform oral sex.

The fiancé said they called police to report the incident. But the victim did not feel comfortable even talking with officers. He said the incident caused her to have a stroke.

Holtzclaw’s defense team was trying to poke holes in the victim’s fiance’s testimony. During cross examination, the defense team brought up that the victim was driving without a valid driver's license. There was a lot of objections from Holtzclaw’s attorney, as the state prosecutor does his redirect examination with the victim’s fiancé.

The first victim's daughter also testified Wednesday. She said she called the police for her mother, after she told her about the incident. She said her mother was shaking, and she had never seen her like that.

The daughter said her mother told her that an officer pulled her over and forced her to perform oral sex. She said they drove to the Springlake Police Station to look for the officer, and to report the incident. She said her mother didn't want to be in the back of a police car alone after what happened to her.

Holtzclaw's attorney is trying to question the daughter’s credibility on the stand. He brought up that she had seven warrants out for her arrest. The daughter said she did not know she had seven active warrants out for her arrest. But she admitted that she has been driving without a license because she has no choice.

The first victim's cousin then took the stand. 

News 9 Reporter Adrianna Iwasinski is following this story and live-tweeting. Stay with us for updates.