Clark The Pig Will Kiss A Lucky News 9 Anchor

Friday, September 18th 2020, 10:43 pm
By: News 9

Meet the pig one of the News 9 anchors will be kissing.

At Milo's barn just on the outskirts of northeast Oklahoma City is the home of our bachelor Clark the Pig. Clark likes long walks but we're not sure what his sign is or anything like that. We do know he's been living high on the hog here ever since he was just four days old.

“He was on death’s door and we kind of nursed him back to health,” said Laurie Anderson, Clark’s owner.

Clark's tale is not your standard swine story. So, Laurie wrote a book about his life.

“Clark just kind of touched my heart, because he was so sick and mistreated. But he is just one of the sweetest things,” said Anderson. ‘He’ll lay in your lap. He’s very gentle. He loves everybody. He’s just my favorite to be honest with you.”

And this porker loves to ham it up.

“He can sit, he can put his little foot up, he can spin around,” she said.

But his face is the real money maker.

“He’s very kissable, yes.”

And one lucky News 9 anchor, who brings home the most bacon for the Regional Food Bank, will get a chance to get up close and personal.

“If David Payne wins, we’re going to make sure he’s good and muddy. If everybody else wins he’ll have a very nice bath first,” Anderson said.