Man Facing 1,000 Years In Prison, Accused Of Sending Child Pornography To Strangers

Monday, September 14th 2020, 10:28 pm
By: Bonnie Campo


A convicted sex offender is back in court after he reportedly admitted to sending child pornography to stranger's cell phones.

Warren Alan Bowman is charged with 92 counts of child pornography and has since bonded out of jail.

“Shawnee PD brought to our attention a case, where it was discovered that a child, who was 6-years old, had a cellphone linked to their mother’s cellphone for safety purposes,” said District Attorney Allan Grubb. “She randomly received child porn on that phone and called police and they did a follow up investigation and it led to a suspect who had 6,200 images of child porn on two different phones.”

Investigators said Bowman sent the child pornography to other strangers too, and in the month of July he sent over 170 images to random numbers.

“The information I have is that many of the pictures are sexual acts between children 2-years to 10-years old with adult men,” said Grubb.

Bowman was previously convicted of sex crimes in Arkansas and was already on the national lifetime sex offender registry for indecent exposure and sexual solicitation to a minor.

This time around, investigators are still investigating the motive behind sending out the images.

“The man enjoyed sending them to random people that he did not know. It's just odd,” said Grubb. “We have charged 92 counts at this point, and they may be expanding. He is making it probably over 1000 years in prison.”

Investigators said that during an interview, Bowman confessed to sending the images.