Preliminary Hearing Begins For Wife Of Murdered Nichols Hills Fire Chief

Wednesday, March 14th 2012, 8:44 am
By: News 9

A former lover took the stand in the murder case against the wife of late Nichols Hills Fire Chief Keith Bryan.

The preliminary hearing for Becky Bryan began at 9 a.m. in a Canadian County courtroom. The 52 year old is charged with first-degree murder in the September 2011 shooting death of her husband, Keith.

Bryan originally claimed a strange man broke into the couple's Mustang home and shot her husband. Investigators say she actually shot her husband and made the story up.

The prosecution's first witness in Wednesday's preliminary hearing was Becky Bryan's former lover, Mark Holbrook. Holbrook testified he met Bryan at a real estate brokers prep course in July 2009. He told the court they began a sexual relationship in December 2009.

Testimony revealed Bryan not only had an affair with Holbrook, but also told her friend about having sex with a man named "Wes".

Holbrook said he ended the relationship less than a month later because he realized Bryan was not the person he thought she was. Holbrook said Bryan was manipulative.

After the affair ended, Holbrook says he only had unwanted contact with Becky Bryan. Holbrook testified that the day after the break up, he along with Becky Bryan and her husband, late Nichols Hills Fire chief Keith Bryan, all had a phone conference to discuss the affair. Holbrook said Keith Bryan was very cordial and understanding saying 'he didn't like it but understood.'

Holbrook said he made a vow to Keith Bryan he would have no future contact with Becky. Holbrook said, Keith Bryan told him 'I forgive you. Try to move on with your life with your wife and I'm going to try to move on with my life with my wife.'

Holbrook said Becky did not say much during that phone conference. Holbrook said he thought it was done at that point. Within a week or two after the breakup, Holbrook says Becky contacted his parents, his wife and his son.

Holbrook also testified to receiving text messages and voicemails from Becky Bryan the day her husband was murdered.

Court documents showed Bryan filed for divorce in January 2010, around the same time Holbrook ended their affair. She later dropped the divorce proceedings.

The defense attorney says he's not going to address any affair unless it goes to trial. The first officer on the Scene and the detective in the murder investigation also took the stand.  The state will call three additional witnesses on April 4.

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