State School Board To Decide Future Of Low-Performing OK Schools

Monday, April 9th 2012, 12:05 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

State School board members are meeting Monday morning to make a decision on what to do with low performing schools.

The state has Identified seven C3 schools that they intend to partnership with to improve their performance.

The seven are: Keyes Elementary; Farris K-8; Santa Fe South Middle School, in Oklahoma City; Okay High School; and Shidler Elementary School, Roosevelt Middle School, both in Oklahoma City; and McLain High School in Tulsa.

The superintendent of Farris schools in Atoka asked the board for a due process appeal in regard to their C3 status.

"It's bottom of the barrel and we don't believe we should be there," said Wes Watson.

Watson listed a list of inconsistencies he had with the selection process.

"It behoves us to present to you problems we are having moving in this direction," said Watson.

Watson said the school district will rise to the challenge. They look forward to working with the department. But they are looking for a fair assessment.

"We want to prove to our constituents your children aren't getting the worst education in the state."

Two schools have resisted the partnership. At the last meeting Santa Fe South Superintendent Chris Brewster told board members he believed the method to select schools was flawed and he didn't believe his school should be on the list.

The board is expected to make a final decision Monday.