Murder Defendant Speaks Out About Case Before Trial

Wednesday, June 11th 2014, 8:35 pm
By: News 9

A defendant, acting as his own attorney in a murder-for-hire case, is telling his side of the story.

Did you have a hand in the murder for hire plot?

"No, I did not," Brown said.

Fabion Brown's murder trial is just days away, and tonight, he claims the state has a weak case against him.

Brown is claiming he's been framed. He's been locked up at the Oklahoma County Jail since 2012, and because interviews with inmates are not allowed, we had to wait for him to call.

Brown used one of his phone calls from the Oklahoma County Jail, claiming he wanted to set the record straight before trial.

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"Before they make any decision about me, wait until all of the evidence is in," said Brown. "That's all I ask."

Brown denies all claims he orchestrated the murder- for-hire plot that left his estranged wife, Jessica McPherson Brown, dead in her Midwest City home in 2012.

So to be clear, you are saying all of the state's witnesses are lying?

"They are lying or mistaking facts," Brown said.

Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said in part, he is "very confident in the two-month investigation that led to formal charges against Brown" and said they are acting as the "voice of the victim murdered in front of her children."

"It's based on a lot of circumstantial evidence," Brown said.

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Brown says, contrary to the charges against him, he did not conspire with his girlfriend, Emily Matheson, to pay Broderic Glover $250 to kill Jessica. Instead, he believes his alleged co-conspirators lied to implicate him and help themselves. Matheson admitted to the crime and is a key witness for the state.

She is set to testify against you. How are you going to handle that?

"I have a little something up my sleeve for her, but the main thing is she made a lot of statements prior to her arrest," Brown said.

After reviewing witness statements, police reports and other evidence, Brown said he's found several inconsistencies and plans to use it to prove his innocence.

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"If I get a jury that is not biased, and I get a fair jury, I am pretty sure I can get a good trial," Brown said.

Brown told News 9 he knows his life is on the line, because prosecutors are seeking the death penalty but said he had no choice but to represent himself.

First Assistant District Attorney Scott Rowland said he will respond to all of Fabion's remarks during trial.