Lawmakers Moved To Makeshift Offices During Capitol Restoration

Friday, August 7th 2015, 11:11 pm
By: News 9

The largest renovation project of its kind in state history has resulted in a well-orchestrated game of musical chairs at the state capital, which was built in 1917.  The $120 million project is expected to take six years. 

State Capital Project Manager Trait Thompson says the project comes with many challenges. “We have to keep state government running during this time. We have to hold the legislature in session.  So we have to phase it in appropriately,” he said. 

Forty-five state senate employees have been moved out of their offices on the first and third floor and into a conference area on the fifth floor for construction already underway. 

Senate Communications Director Malia Bennett says it is a necessary evil. “The goal is to do it right.  To make it where it’s going to be safe modern, functional, preserving the history of the building, the original architectural integrity, but making it something that is a place of beauty and pride for the state for the next 100 years.”