New Details Surrounding Deadly Cleveland County Home Invasion

Thursday, February 18th 2016, 6:25 pm
By: News 9

Thursday, the Cleveland County Sheriff's Office released the report from a deadly home invasion. And now they've called in the OSBI to help.

Harvey Pratt is a forensic artist at the OSBI. He is known for his work making composite sketches and skull reconstructions for law enforcement agencies all across Oklahoma.

He normally helps identify the bodies of missing persons and victims of crime. But occasionally he's called in to identify a suspect too.

“I just try to repair them as best I can,” said Pratt.

And it is because of his expertise that Cleveland County Sheriff's deputies want his help to create a composite sketch of the man found dead outside a home in Newalla located in the 1000 block of 192nd Ave NE.

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The incident report reveals the homeowners were inside getting ready for bed when the attempted burglary happened. The report states the wife hid in the closet and the husband armed himself with his pistol for protection. That’s when the suspects began to shoot at the husband who then fired his weapon back in self-defense.

When deputies arrived, they found a man in a ski mask lying dead in the front yard - with a handgun lying next to him. But there was no wallet or any form of identification found.

So now, Pratt is using autopsy photos to create a composite sketch to try to identify the body. And he told News 9 he noticed some interesting tattoos.

“His right hand he has three dots, and then on his left hand he has what appears to be a triangle - all one color -  with some kind of design on it. Possibly a “Z” just to the bottom of the point,” said Pratt. “And he has a tear drop right about here on his face not right up by the eye but right about here.”

Pratt said this suspect has a few more defining characteristics. Both of his ears are pierced, he had a gap between his teeth, and he was also growing a beard. And Pratt said once they are able to identify him, it should help deputies identify his associates who took part in the deadly home invasion.