Woman Joins OKC Police's Tactical Team, Second In Team's History

Tuesday, January 10th 2017, 6:57 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Police Department’s tactical unit has a new member, and she’s the second female in its history to make the team.

Officer Elizabeth Herman has been on the department for four years. Making the SWAT team has always been one of her goals.

“Not a lot of people make it. Out of the 10 that tried out, six made it through into the school,” said Herman.

Officers need to qualify to take the week-long school, and take a series of tests to demonstrate physical and mental eligibility.

There are 28 people on the tactical unit out of more than 1,100 officers on the force.

Capt. Brain Williford is the emergency services coordinator. He said it doesn’t come easy to any of the members on the team.

“This was her second time. She utilized her time to improve. She found out what she needed to do,” said Williford.

In November, Herman was the top shooter in her group.

Williford said the tactical team officers are the best of the best. Herman said it took endless training including running, push-ups and a lot of time at the shooting range to make it happen.

She is part of the team that takes on tough situations like hostage scenarios, barricaded suspects or active shooter calls.

“It’s an honor,” said Herman.

This officer serves as an inspiration to many women, proving that goals that seem out of reach can be attained.

“I worked hard to be here and I was able to make it,” she said.

The first woman on Oklahoma City police’s tactical unit was promoted to be a lieutenant, which is why she is no longer on the team.