3 Choctaw Students Removed From School After Racist Incidents

Wednesday, February 6th 2019, 5:12 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

At Choctaw High School racist graffiti was discovered on a bathroom wall and a disturbing video of a student repeatedly saying the n-word surfaced. The school superintendent says they have taken action and removed the three students involved from the school. 

Students protested the incidents Wednesday morning by refusing to go to class until they were able to talk to the principal.

According to the principal, the administration met with the students and condemned the actions of those three students.

The video began circulating among Choctaw students late Tuesday afternoon. It came after school administrators informed students that the school resource officer was investigating racist graffiti found on a bathroom wall.

“It was very hurtful,” said student Jeston Batson. He’s a senior and says although he has experienced racism before, it’s never been to this extent. “Definitely, it was a different experience. Wakes you up.”

In a statement, the district said they were able to identify the students involved and removed them from the school. "CHS will not tolerate inappropriate remarks of a derogatory nature to be made towards any race or ethnic group".

Students News 9 talked to Wednesday say they believe the administration handled the situation as best they could.

“It’s not something an administration could deal with as much as something our society can change,” said student Lucas Fenderson,

And administrators and students wanted to be clear that the actions of these individuals do not reflect the overall culture of the school.

“This is coming from a group of individuals,” said RJ Hutchinson. “This doesn’t represent us as a whole.”

The principal says they will create a student advisory board that will begin meeting this week.