Dog Mourning The Loss Of Her Longtime Owner In Pottawatomie County

Thursday, March 7th 2019, 10:46 pm
By: News 9

A loyal canine is mourning the death of her human companion.   

Sam, a Labrador retriever, was found next to her master’s side in their home in Pottawatomie County.

“She has been grieving, she is still grieving,” said 1 Day Ranch founder Maeghan Olsen.

Surrounded by unfamiliar people and animals, Sam is working to adjust while at animal rescue 1 Day Ranch in Bethel Acres.

“The first five days that she was with us she did not want to eat, she pretty much slept the whole time,” said Olsen.

Up until now, Sam's world was Arthur.

“They were best of friends. Anywhere Art would go Sam would wait in the house on him, look out the window. And as soon as he came home, she was all over him, just excited to see him,” said friend Phillip Gordon.

Gordon discovered the dog next to his friend's side after going to check on him.

“She'd just take her noise and nudge his hand or lick his hand and he was gone,” said Gordon.

Arthur had heart problems and against doctors’ orders, he had recently checked himself out of the hospital. He was determined to get back to his companion who needed him

Another hospital stint he was in, Sam broke through a window because she didn't want to be left and she wanted to try and find him,” said Olsen.

Gordon says Arthur had always hoped to outlive Sam.

“He just didn't want her to go through what she's going through now. She's at a loss without him,” said Gordon.

When removed from her home and her master's side, “She cried and howled the entire way back here from her home,” said Olsen.

And while she can no longer see Arthur, Sam can still smell him.

“We did take some pillows and blankets from the home and brought them here,” said Olsen.

Sam attended Arthur’s funeral, something friends and family say he would have wanted.

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 “It’s a testament to these two and their life together, and how much they loved each other,” said Olsen.  

Sam is believed to be nearly 20 years old.