Noble City Council Debates Whether To Allow Medical Marijuana Grow Operations To Open

Tuesday, October 8th 2019, 7:10 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

The City of Noble is closer to deciding whether or not to allow medical marijuana grow and processing operations. The topic was discussed during a city council meeting Monday, October 7.  

It comes nearly a month after city council voted to place a moratorium on the matter.

Lucas Sloan started his business, Noble Cannabis Company, back in early September. He saw an opportunity.

“I came to Noble because there was one other dispensary here, there really is not a whole lot for the patients to buy from,” said Sloan.

Following over an hour of dialog at Monday’s city council meeting, the decision to give the green or red light to grow operations was tabled.

Growing is what dispensaries need to stay in business.

“I really think that most of city council just wants to learn and actually understand and not rule from a position of fear,” said Sloan. “I think they are trying to understand exactly what we do and make decisions accordingly.”

City officials echo that, citing they need time to make an educated decision while keeping in mind concerns of residents, security and city zoning.

“Right now, the concern is simply how intrusive are heavy growing operations and processing,” said Noble City Manager Bob Wade. “Even then, I think the council is fair to say let’s see what this process involves and where we ought to make it available.”

As the debate continues, growers hold out hope a decision is made that everyone can agree on.

“The more and more we talk and the longer the debate goes on, it seems like more and more people tend to change their minds and that is what we are hoping for,” said Sloan.

Noble City Council members plan to revisit the topic November 4. Council members plan to make a final decision then.