Now that voters have approved SQ 788, the clock is ticking on getting a medical marijuana system up and running in Oklahoma.

It's likely that the governor will have to call the legislature into another Special Session if legislators are going to approve the framework for medical marijuana use in Oklahoma.

Although Governor Fallin seemed hesitant today when we asked her about a special session, I don't see any choice. 

The initiative calls for a state website to be set up in 30 days to accept applications for medical marijuana. The Health Department is already working on it.

We were glad to have the House Majority Floor Leader, Jon Echols, here at News 9 Tuesday night, because he'll be one of those in charge of making medical marijuana work now that it's passed. 

I asked him if lawmakers will make any significant changes to the initiative approved by Oklahoma voters.

To his credit he says he would oppose any fundamental changes to medical marijuana because the people have spoken.

I agree with him. 

According to the medical marijuana question had support across a broad range of demographic groups.

We don't want the Legislators overriding the will of the people, but that doesn't mean some won't try.

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's My 2 Cents.