NORMAN, Oklahoma - A Norman woman says she found shards of glass in her burger at Carl’s Jr Friday.

Linda Mann says it happened while she was out to eat with her husband at the restaurant on 24th Avenue NW in Norman.

“I bit into something and it crunched,” Mann said.

She claims the pieces of glass varied in size.

“I just kept spitting glass,” Mann said.

When Mann and her husband brought the glass to a manager, the couple says the manager threw the glass away and was less than helpful.

“It was a ‘not our fault,’ response, not ‘are you ok?’” Mann said.

Mann says eventually the manager filled out an incident report and promised corporate offices would call.

Carl’s Jr told News 9 in a statement:

“Our guests’ health and safety is our first priority, and we take any report of this nature seriously. We are investigating the incident and, as needed, will take the appropriate action.”

In the meantime, Mann checked into the emergency room, and says she’ll likely be fine.

She’s hoping she’s the only one this allegedly happened to.

“The concern here is where did it come from, how many other people got it, and how to keep it from other people and children,” Mann said.

Mann says the company called her back Monday and said they are conducting an investigation on the matter.