MOORE, Oklahoma - A Moore couple is thankful to be alive after a frightening attack and kidnapping on Thursday.

The suspect, Johnathan Williams, 39, was taken into custody after he led officers on a pursuit. He was booked into the Cleveland County Jail on 11 criminal complaints stemming from the kidnapping.

The Moore Police Department released the 911 call the kidnapping victim’s husband, Steven Helzer, made moments after Williams left his apartment with his wife.

Steven: He came into this house on knife point and a hammer, they just now left.

911: Ok and he…

Steven: They’re pulling out of my garage right now.

Williams was able to get inside their home when Joy Helzer took the trash out Thursday morning.

“He come around the corner and threw gasoline on me,” said Joy Helzer, assault and kidnapping victim. “And then he had a can of something like bug spray and a lighter, and all I seen was flames. He was trying to set me on fire.”

Williams held the couple inside their apartment for two hours, demanding they take him to their daughter's home - his ex-girlfriend.  

911: Do you know which way they went?

Steven: I have no idea. I would say they went to I-35 and went to Healdton.

Police were not far behind.

Williams led officers on a high-speed chase in the couple's car, driving through fields and crowded parking lots.

“He pulled a pocket knife,” said Helzer. “Had that in the right hand and was driving with the left hand. They said the speeds were up to 120.”

Williams eventually crashed in Norman. He then attempted to steal a truck from a nearby business, but an employee pulled a gun on Williams. The armed citizen was able to distract Williams long enough for police to arrive.

“I’m thankful for that man and police,” said Helzer. “Because I truly did not think it was going to go good. He sat in the chair in the living room and said it wasn’t going to end good.”

Helzer's daughter filed a VPO against Williams in May.

The Cleveland County District Attorney is expected to file charges on Williams next week.