YALE, Oklahoma - Law enforcement continue to search for suspects connected to a stolen vehicle and another separate case involving an attempted carjacking around the town of Yale, Oklahoma.

One woman who lives near 32nd Street and Eagle Road says a neighbor knocked on her door around 8:30 Sunday morning warning one of the stolen vehicles was down the road on fire.

“First thing off the bat, neighbor knocks on the door. ‘There's a car on fire down the road and there's a couple of guys that might have guns, probably do have guns, there are dangerous. Make sure that you keep your house locked and lock your vehicles. Make sure you take the keys out,” Jeannie Thomas said.

Police say the suspects ran into the woods and hid.

One was able to hitch a ride with an unsuspecting driver according to Thomas.

“So, I guess one guy out here got a ride into Oilton. The guy didn't know anything was going on with him,” Thomas said.

Later, the driver called the police according to Thomas who says the suspect was later caught where driver dropped him off.

Thomas says soon those on scene told her there was another attempted carjacking on the west-end of town.

“We are sitting there and we see the plane, searching right across from our house, and then we have the OHP chopper, and he was out searching. And then it leaves. Then you find out there are three guys in Yale that supposedly stole a car so they take the chopper into town,” Thomas said.

At this point, police do not believe the two crimes are related.

No names have not been released at this time, but police say it appears the suspects have left the area.