OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma City Police are expected to release new details in a double homicide from Friday. Officers found a man and woman dead inside an apartment at the Windsong Village Apartments, near Southwest 74th and Walker.

Witnesses suspect it was murder-suicide and police are expected to release the victims’ names on Tuesday.

Greg Oro-Martinez was one of the first on his phone to call police Friday night.

“This was about 9:20,” said Oro-Martinez, witness. “We heard some gunshots and we heard someone was yelling.”

He lives across the hallway from where the man and woman were found dead.

“I seen a body in the hallway,” said Oro-Martinez. “It was sad, you know?”

He said the two victims were a couple and lived together in the apartment. He did not know much about them other than the man was from Mexico and the woman, also Hispanic, had two teenage sons.

“They were good people,” said Oro-Martinez. “They would always say hi and she would always be with her kids.”

Police have not made any arrests and do not have any suspects.

Oro-Martinez said it was likely murder-suicide and the woman's two teenage children witnessed the tragic shooting.

“I feel bad for the kids,” said Oro-Martinez. “Losing their mother, you know?”

He is also concerned for his safety and the other families living in the complex.

"It’s kind of scary too, you know?” said Oro-Martinez. “Right in front of my door and knowing there’s a lot of kids around here.”