OKLAHOMA CITY - New Oklahoma City Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel is getting high praise from two people who have already held the seat. The school board hired the Mustang superintendent Tuesday night.

Karl Springer who was OKCPS superintendent for five years said he's excited for OKC and called McDaniel a fine man. 

Also, Dave Lopez who was interim superintendent in 2013 and 2014 said McDaniel has “a range of experience” and is “a leader who can work with the community to bring everyone together.”

Still, even Dr. McDaniel admitted he has a lot of work ahead of him and that starts now.

“I think the important thing right now before I jump down that road is to see where we are, I really have to have some conversations, I need to visit more with the board I need to talk to our principals and other leaders,” said McDaniel. “Once I do that I will kick back out here are the top two or three things I need to work on right now.”

McDaniel said that first month will be important as he transitions to a much larger urban district.

Teacher's Union President Ed Allen agreed; getting off a to good start will be critical especially for teachers and school employees.

“They need to see this superintendent is different,” said Allen. “Not the same superintendent with more programs that everyone rolls their eyes let’s get some big wins quickly, so people can start thinking there’s something different going on. Something different in Oklahoma City.”

Something different would be stability. McDaniel will be the seventh superintendent the district has hired since 2000.

The Mustang School Board will vote Wednesday night to accept McDaniel's resignation.