With the news that the FBI had an informant, some call him a spy, inside the Trump Campaign it seems to me the longer this Russian collusion investigation goes on the worse top law enforcement officials look.  Here's what you had to say,

Peggy from Calvin said: "Kelly you hit the nail on the head tonight. Obama is getting caught playing dirty."

But Naomi said: "Trump is always throwing shade on everyone else to take our minds off the collusion and Russian interference in the election.."

Sara said I'm wrong: "An informant is very different from a spy. And I would hardly consider 5 guilty pleas and 17 indictments to be "all smoke no fire". You're smarter than this."

Deb wrote: "The FBI and the CIA have no right to spy on ANY American - especially a political candidate of either party. The people who did this - and authorized it - will go to jail as they actually committed a crime."

From Carol: "These people know they did wrong, to have Clinton as president."

Lee said: "To not care that one side was doing everything possible to rig one election, and damage an acting president's term means that all you care about is power not country :( !!"

Finally from Eric: "Looks like we have another Watergate brewing"

I'm Kelly Ogle and that's YOUR 2 Cents.