VICI, Oklahoma - Cleanup is underway in Vici after wildfires burned 30 homes. And off in the distance the fires continue to burn.

Just outside of nearby Canton, the wildfires burned out of control Wednesday. Firefighters fought back from the ground and from the air. But the high winds and dry conditions made it a losing battle. Just holding the line was an impossible task.

Carolyn Clem of Vici can see the plume of smoke from the fires from her home. The same fires that damaged her home over the weekend while she slept inside.

“I had gone to bed and was not even aware there was a fire,” said Ms. Clem. “And my cousin called and said should I come get you? And I said why? She said there’s a fire and I got up and I looked out.”

Just in time too. State police had to come rescue her.

“The tractor burned. The cattle are all OK. They got down by the pond. The fire burned right up to the front door. And melted the siding”

Ms. Clem said in all her years here she’s never seen anything like this before.

“No. And I don’t ever want to again,” she added.

News 9 talked with folks in Vici working to help victims of the fires. They say they’ve been overwhelmed with support. Right now, they say they have too many donations of food and clothes, but victims still need cash.

If you’d like to help out call Vici Public Schools at 580-995-4251 or you can send a check to:

Vici Public Schools

301 Miller St, Vici, OK 73859

Just write in the memo: “Fire relief”