As teachers stay the course at the Capitol and fight for education funding, State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister announced a state testing window extension.

The adjustment adds another week for 3rd-8th grade general assessments and 11th grade science assessments.

Hofmeister hopes it will prevent the jeopardizing of federal funding.

“These are primarily what we call ‘Title I dollars’ in the hundreds of millions of dollars and yet we don’t want to lose one penny that belongs to Oklahoma kids and is intended for their educational learning and use,” Hofmeister told News 9.

But missing the new dates is not something Hofmeister foresees happening.

“District do have a plan A, B, C, D, they are ready to have a variety to different ways to make certain they meet those obligations,” Hofmeister said. “Our concern is that students have the assurance and confidence that they can transition back to the classroom at the right time and that they can show their very best.”

Neveen Bashiti's two daughters attend Edmond schools. She said her family is at ease with the extension.

“That gives our students a little bit of time to not be stressed out and to be able to be more relaxed about the testing,” Bashiti told News 9.

And they'll continue to support teachers, she said, until they get what they deserve.

“We are standing by them no matter how long it takes,” she said.

Superintendent Hofmeister said the maximum amount of days have been used that were part of a contingency window with the vendor.

The dates cannot be pushed back again.

Below is the revised schedule:

Stay with News 9 and for more information as it becomes available.