MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - A father and son say they teamed up with Midwest City Police Sunday to turn the tables on a young scam artist.

Kevin and Kolby Bagshaw live in Moore. Kolby is a freshman at Moore High School, and says he found a buyer on the internet for his Sony PlayStation 3. The Bagshaw’s say the $120 the other teen gave Kolby for the unit Sunday night, turned out to be counterfeit twenty dollar bills. 

After calling Midwest City Police, the Bagshaw’s say they duped the young scam artist into meeting with them to buy another item.

“We ran home and switched vehicles real quick, so he wouldn’t know it was us. And the cops did the same thing,” said Kevin Bagshaw. “And we met them there, and he came up to hand me something that we said we were going to buy off him, and cops grabbed him.” 

Midwest City Police say they are still compiling the police report.

Kevin Bagshaw says police pulled a lot of other merchandise out of the other teen’s home.