OKLAHOMA CITY - The owner of a metro hair extension store is offering a $2,500 cash reward to the person who can identify a man who robbed her store.

The suspect held up Prestigious Hair Company in northwest Oklahoma City in the middle of the day last Friday. He got away with $15,000 in hair extensions.

“I wasn’t even gone seven minutes before my mom,” said Veronica Bowie, store owner. “Maybe 10 minutes tops, before my momma called me and said she was robbed.”

Bowie said panic went through her body when she heard her mother was robbed at gunpoint.

“My heart was racing,” said Bowie. “I was shaking.”

Bowie was gone and her mother was in a backroom washing hair extensions, when the suspect sneaked up behind her.

“Put a gun to her head,” said Bowie. “Just basically told her to do whatever he said and he won’t hurt her.”

He forced the woman to bag up $15,000 in extensions.

“He cleaned off my shelves,” said Bowie.

He then stole cash out of a drawer, the victim’s purse and two cell phones. The suspect forced Bowie’s mother in the bathroom before he left out a backdoor.

“He told her to go in the bathroom and count to 100 while he fled,” said Bowie.

A camera on a neighboring business caught a brief glimpse of the suspect. He is described as brown skinned man, with an afro and a tear drop tattoo under one of his eyes.

Bowie thinks the suspect will try to sell the pricey hair extensions on the streets and wants him caught.  

“I’m not so much worried about the hair,” said Bowie. “But it’s the fact that you came into the store and put a gun to my mom’s head, and you think that’s OK to do that.”

Bowie said the suspect did not touch anything expect the cash drawer. Police dusted the drawer, but she is not sure if they were able to lift any fingerprints.