GUTHRIE, Oklahoma - A woman is without water after a fire destroyed her water pump house in rural Guthrie.

Firefighters told News 9 this is a big problem in rural Oklahoma where a lot of folks are using heaters inside their pump houses to keep the pipes from freezing.

Just one week after spending thousands of dollars to get her water pump back up and running, Guthrie resident Nicole McDaniel woke to a fire.

"I noticed there was smoke billowing out of it, I don't even have a phone so I was like, 'Tell me somebody called,' and thankfully, somebody did," McDaniel said.

McDaniel said she and her husband barely scraped together enough money to replace the pump a week ago. She said they can't afford to do it again and will have to haul in water from her grandparents' home three miles away. 

Woodcrest Fire Department told News 9 this is the second water pump house fire they've responded to this week. They said in this case, the heater overloaded the circuit.