OKLAHOMA CITY - What would have been the largest tax increase in state history failed Monday night. 

Lawmakers voted on the Step Up Oklahoma plan in hopes it would stabilize the budget while offering teachers and public employees raises. 

It failed in a 63 to 35 vote. The bill needed 76 to pass. Fifty-three of the 72 Republicans in the House voted for the package, as did 10 of the 28 Democrats.

In addition to increasing revenue, the Step Up Oklahoma plan would have given teachers a $5,000 pay increase.

Following the vote, one disappointed supporter and teacher tweeted in part, 

The reason this bill didn't pass because they know we love our kids and we will continue to show up. I'm not a poker player, but I'm pretty sure they just called our bluff. It's Boston Tea Party Time and in all seriousness, who's in? 

State Superintendent Joy Hofmeister said the failure to pass the bill was soul crushing.