OKLAHOMA CITY - The Feds are now part of an investigation into the theft of more than 20 guns from Wilshire Gun.

The break-in happened early Tuesday, December 26, and the thieves were caught on several cameras.

Cameras on Wilshire Gun and a neighboring business caught the three suspects walking to the gun range and a very clear view of them smashing in the front door. 

“It shows which way they came from,” said Kevin Maxfield, Wilshire Gun Assistant General Manager. “Which direction they left going out at.”  

The parking lot video is from a business located just east of Wilshire Gun. Video from the entrance of the gun range shows the suspects at the front door. One of the thieves throws a rock through the glass door, once it shatters all three walk in.

The burglary lasted only 45 seconds.

“A little over $13,000 is the total amount for the 22 guns that were stolen,” said Maxfield. “Pistols and the rifles.”  

The glass cases that held the pistols have been replaced, but there are still empty spaces on the wall that held the now stolen rifles.

Maxfield thinks the guns will turn up somewhere and authorities are prepared. Oklahoma City police and the ATF have the serial numbers of all the stolen firearms. 

“That way if they find any of the firearms they’ll be able to pop up and see they were stolen,” said Maxfield. “Stolen from us.”       

Maxfield said they have also beefed up security.

“Basically, locking this place down as tight as we can get it,” said Maxfield. “It’s not going to happen again.”

Police are actively searching for the suspects and the guns.

“Police are very interested in getting these guns off the streets,” said Officer Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police Department. “And getting the suspects in custody.”

The thieves wore masks and gloves but one of them was wearing a blue North Carolina Tarheels hat that was left on the sidewalk.