OKLAHOMA CITY - On Friday, a kidnapping victim escaped from a house in northwest Oklahoma City and got help from the first person he could find.

Many are calling 24-year-old Tony Montalvo a good citizen for helping a stranger in need. Montalvo said it happened around 5:40 a.m. when he was leaving for the gym.

“I was locking my door and I could hear someone in the distance just yelling for help,” he said.

The next thing Montalvo knew someone was running toward him.

When the victim got closer, Montalvo realized he was beaten and bloody. He said the victim’s mouth was shut with duct tape.

“His hands, they were tied,” said Montalvo. “It was just a ball of duct tape. You couldn’t even see his hands.”

Montalvo called 911 after the victim told him he had been kidnapped and that people were following him. His first thought was to drive the victim to a public area with more people. Montalvo helped the injured man into his car.

“My gut was telling me to do it,” said Montalvo. “Let’s get out of here.”

Montalvo stayed on the phone with the dispatcher as he was driving. He pulled into a 7-Eleven nearby on NW 10 and May Avenue and waited for police to arrive.

The victim was transported to the hospital after he pointed officers in the direction of the house where he was held hostage and beaten.

What Montalvo didn’t realize at the time is that helping a stranger would turn into much bigger discoveries for police. It led officers to a possible drug house near NW 17 and May Avenue. Four people were found and put in jail.

“Probably the most frightening experience I’ve had in my life,” Montalvo said.

But he said he would do it again if it meant helping someone in need.