OKLAHOMA CITY - What started as a kidnapping led the Oklahoma City Police Department to discover a possible drug house. Four suspects were arrested in connection with the incident.

Oklahoma City police Capt. Paco Balderrama said a male victim was held hostage in a home near NW 17 Street and May Avenue. He was likely held against his will for several days. On Friday, the man was able to escape.

“It was very opportune that he was able to break free from inside the house, run out to about a block away,” said Balderrama.

The victim flagged down a passerby who stopped to help him call 911.

“He was basically bound and gagged,” he said.

Police reports state the man was beaten and bloody. He had duct tape around his mouth, and his hands were tied up with a zip tie and duct tape.

The victim pointed officers toward the house, where the tactical team eventually came to investigate suspicious materials.  

When officers arrived at the home, Christopher Stanley, 21, tried to run. Police caught up to him and found crystal meth in his pocket. Stanley was booked into the Oklahoma County jail.

“There is potential of this being a dope house,” said Balderrama.

Tyrell Cody, 38, was also arrested for active warrants.

Lacy Davis, 41, and Tony Day, 43, are both behind bars, accused of kidnapping and assault.

According to the incident report, the victim said the people who kidnapped him accused him of stealing from them and blamed him for someone getting sick from bad dope.

The investigation is ongoing. Police said the victim has been released from the hospital and is going to be OK.