OKLAHOMA CITY - On Thursday, the Oklahoma County DA charged three people for First-Degree Murder for allegedly robbing and killing a man outside his home in August.

The murder charges were filed against Michael Tyrone Webb Jr., 28, Kayla Joy Stallworth,17, and Samuel Dale Holmes, 36, all from Oklahoma City.

But murder charges have been dropped against Tempest Williams, 26, even though she turned herself into the jail in connection with the crime last month.

The murder of 28-year-old David Weideman happened back on Aug. 28. When police found him, he was bleeding, lying on the front porch of his home on NW 32nd St. Court records state he had been shot in the chest and robbed of his wallet.

"Yeah it’s scary," said Ashley Burris, Weideman's sister. "I mean, I don't want them to know where we live, because I don't know if they are going to come after us. If they could kill someone over $400, why wouldn't they do more to somebody else?"

Court documents state Weideman and some friends had gone to Lake Hefner -  where they met with Williams and Stallworth. Later they brought the women to their home - but the women later left.

Then, Stallworth showed up with two other men, identified as Michael Tyrone Webb Jr. and Samuel Dale Holmes. Witnesses say there was a confrontation and that's when Webb shot Weideman, grabbed his wallet, and took off running.

Webb turned himself in to Oklahoma City police at the News 9 parking lot several days later. Williams turned herself in the same day, and while she was originally held for Wiedeman's murder, prosecutors have dropped the charges against her.

"The fact that one of them is not being charged I would like to know why," said Burris. "I just want justice to be served with all of them."

But that question will have to be answered in a court of law.

Both Webb and Stallworth are being held without bond at the Oklahoma County jail accused of murder, robbery and assault. And Oklahoma City police are actively searching for Holmes.