LINDSAY, Oklahoma - A Moore man was stabbed to death Thursday night. The suspect told police he was just trying to scare the victim when things got out of hand.

Investigators believe the victim, 28-year old Jackie Tyler Wesnidge, may have been involved in an abusive relationship with his girlfriend, Misty Benefield. Police said Benefield, and her friend, 25-year old David Seeley hatched a plan to bring Wesnidge out to the woods in McClain County. 

Sheriff Don Hewett said, “His intent was to stop on the side of the road, get him out, scare him, leave him there and take her back to the residence so she could pack her belongings and leave.”

But it didn’t go down that way, Sheriff Hewett said, “An apparent struggle ensued inside the vehicle. We feel like he was stabbed one time inside the vehicle, the victim. The door was opened. He was pushed outside. The suspect got out and continued stabbing him.”

Police believe Seeley and Benefield then sped off, crashing into a fence about a mile away. Officers spent much of the day combing the area looking for the murder weapon.

Elton Sconeking has been neighbors and friends with the victim for years.

“He didn’t deserve what happened to him,” Sconeking said, “He got involved with some bad people and drugs and other things like that and unfortunately that’s what happens.”

Sconeking said he does not believe his friend was abusing Benefield. “He’s a pretty good guy from what I know and I just don’t believe it. I don’t believe that. No.”

Benefield has not been charged, but police said that could change. “(It’s) still pending further investigation,” said Sheriff Hewett. “I’m not saying we won’t come back later and file charges on her.”

Seeley is charged with murder. Police say he has confessed to the crime.