OKLAHOMA CITY - A former Oklahoma City police officer, accused of sex crimes, may not be bonding out of jail anytime soon.

That's because the bail bond company asked the court to revoke their bond.

Daniel Holtzclaw was booked into the Oklahoma County jail two weeks ago for a bond violation, and this was his second time not meeting the terms of his bond.

So even though the judge ordered him to spend 15 days in jail, he may end up staying behind bars until the start of his trial.

Holtzclaw had been out on a $609,000 bond since last September after his family and a local bond company secured the nearly 10 percent needed to release him from jail.

He was ordered to wear an ankle monitor, keep it charged and to remain under house arrest at his parents home in Enid.

He was to get permission from the court to attend any doctors appointments or meetings with legal team.

He spent 14 days in jail last fall for going to the dentist without getting permission.

According to this most recent violation report, Holtzclaw failed to charge the battery to his GPS ankle monitor for more than 24 hours.

As a result, more than six hours were unaccounted for the morning of July 19. His attorney had this to say at his July 27 hearing.

"He has a GPS monitor on and he is required to charge that every evening and it went dead one night and he didn't realize it," Scott Adams, Holtzclaw's defense attorney said.

Adams said Holtzclaw called the next morning to report the dead battery, but the judge told Holtzclaw and his attorney that he has zero tolerance for bond violations like this and ordered him back to jail.

"There is no question. There is no evidence that he was anywhere other than at home," Adams said.

Despite that, the insurance company securing the bond has pulled out, citing this second violation as their reason for doing so.

Right now, there is no word if Holtzclaw's family will be able to come up with the money to bond him out of jail. His trial is set for October.

Because his bond has been revoked, the Holtzclaw family is now out more $50,000 and that does not include the cost of his private legal defense.