OKLAHOMA CITY - Investigators released details Monday about a crash involving two vehicles on northbound I-44 near S.W. 119th Street that killed two people on Feb. 12. 

Oklahoma City police said Ray Prescott, 34, and Bobby Davis, 36, died as a result of that crash. 

Prescott was the driver and Davis was the backseat passenger in a vehicle heading north around 7:43 p.m. that evening, authorities said.

According to police, several witness accounts suggested both vehicles involved were driving erratically and hit each other at highway speeds.

Authorities said Prescott was taken to the hospital where he later died and Davis was ejected and died at the scene. Another passenger in the front seat of that vehicle was taken to the hospital to undergo surgery, police said.

The driver of the other involved vehicle was taken in a private vehicle to the emergency room in Norman, according to police.