OKLAHOMA CITY - Investigators in three states are trying to figure out why an Oklahoma City woman flew out the passenger side of an 18-wheeler in New Mexico nearly three months ago. 

Mariah Pruitt, 22, was critically injured in the accident that occurred on Interstate 40 in New Mexico back in early August. New Mexico State Police say a witness says the truck was traveling at least 65 miles per hour when it happened.  

Pruitt suffered several fractures, including severe injuries to her skull. Her attorney, Brent Galyon, says police know who was driving the truck. He wants to know why police haven't charged the driver. 

"Very frustrated. If I could find some insurance somewhere, maybe I could get some relief. But so far that's been impossible to do." 

Galyon says all Maria Pruitt remembers is being at an Oklahoma City Country Western bar on a Friday night in July, and after she accepted a ride home, she blacked out. He says she ended up in Texas several hours or several days later, and a truck driver offered to drive her back to Oklahoma City. 

Galyon says Pruitt's medical bills are huge, and she doesn't have medical insurance. A medical fund in Mariah Pruitt's name has been established at the Bank of Oklahoma.