OKLAHOMA CITY - An arrest warrant has been issued for a 21-year-old man suspected of running over a man in northwest Oklahoma City.

The victim, Nickolas Felix, was lying in the road near Lyrewood and Edenborough on July 7. Police have not revealed why the man was lying in the street, but several people were standing around him, trying to block traffic and divert cars.

Witnesses told police they saw a white Chevy Impala driving down the street and tried to flag down the driver. Witnesses said the driver continued to accelerate and ran over Felix, killing him instantly.

Using witness descriptions and surveillance video from the area, police tracked the car to an apartment complex at N.W. 63rd Street and MacArthur. Investigators spoke to the registered owner of the vehicle, who told police he'd loaned the car to his roommate.

The roommate told police he'd driven the car to the home of a friend named Ricky Bond. He said he allowed Bond to drive the car to a lounge on Lyrewood Lane. He said he was in the passenger's seat looking at his cell phone while Bond was driving on Saturday, July 7. He said they both saw people standing on the side of the road, but just thought they were all talking.

He said a few moments later, he felt a bump, and asked Bond if they'd hit something. According to the arrest warrant, Bond replied they "must have run over a log or a stick."

The friend told police he saw the news about the pedestrian killed on the news the following Monday. He called Bond, who asked the friend not to tell police what happened.

Police called Bond, and he initially agreed to come to Oklahoma City police headquarters and speak with investigators. He later left a voicemail and told police he didn't want to speak with them until he earned enough money to retain an attorney.

Based on that information, police obtained an arrest warrant for Bond for causing a fatality accident without a valid driver's license, and for leaving the scene of a fatality accident.