MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - Police in Midwest City say a plan to better screen tenants and make apartment complexes safer is accomplishing its objective.

"Crime Free Housing" was implemented years ago in Midwest City and now the City of Norman is following their lead.

The plan requires apartment complexes to do criminal background checks on all prospective tenants.

Complexes must also make improvements around their facilities. Landscaping needs to be cut back to eliminate areas where a criminal can hide. Dead bolt locks need to be secured with longer screws. And apartment managers learn the quickest ways to evict tenants who break lease rules.

"We learned what marijuana smells like, also if a person is edgy and wants to move in really fast, that's a sign," says Kristie Dhungel of Raintree Meadows Apartments, which recently became a "Crime Free Housing" complex.

"I think all apartment places should do that," says Raintree Meadows resident Glenn Meeks.

Midwest City police say when they first started "Crime Free Housing" four years ago no apartment complex signed up.

In 2010, Midwest City implemented a rental registration fee which can costs apartment complexes around $12 per unit and participating in "Crime Free Housing" gives complexes a 50% discount.

Now, 8 of 28 apartment complexes in Midwest City are participating with two more coming online in a week.

Norman says it will start "Crime Free Housing" in August or September on a volunteer basis.