OKLAHOMA CITY - The humane society rescued dogs from a puppy mill in McClain County three months ago and now some of those dogs are finally ready to go to good homes.

Central Oklahoma Humane Society vets and workers have been nursing the dogs back to health since they were rescued. Some of the humane society's animal rescue teams were there when the puppy mill was discovered.

"It was so sad and we were shocked when we opened the doors and realized how many puppies were in there," Central Oklahoma Humane Society Manager, Amy Shrodes said.

Nineteen dogs were saved from deadly conditions in McClain County that day. The Humane Society rescued the puppies, who had been abandoned without food, water, or proper ventilation in Dibble, Oklahoma.

The humane society says these dogs deserve extra TLC for the rest of their days.

"They're still learning to love people and they need someone to show them not all people are mean and not everyone's going to neglect you," Shrodes said.

The dogs and puppies were very sick and suffered from distemper. They've been in treatment with specialists and vets ever since they were saved. On Saturday, 12 of the dogs will finally be OK'd to be given to good homes, just in time for Fourth of July.

"Now we want them to be free, to be in their happy homes," said Shrodes.

To celebrate the puppies' freedom and good health, the humane society is lowering the adoption fees for the dogs rescued from Dibble to $25. Rescuers say the dogs need very special owners who are loving and understand the dogs are still recovering mentally.

"Be patient with them and understand they may have medical issues come up because they had distemper at the site," said Shrodes.

The adoption is this Saturday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Humane Society at 7500 North Western in OKC.