OKLAHOMA CITY - The city of Oklahoma City has adopted a new program to help neighborhood parks and medians.

The Community Beautification Water Program was approved by the Oklahoma City Council in April. Through the program, neighborhood associations that care and maintain public medians and parks can receive a $1,000 annual credit for the cost of water. The program also provides for the installation of water meters, backflow preventers and frost-free hydrants in those neighborhoods where these items do not exist.

The Oklahoma City Community Foundation worked with city officials for the six months to develop the program.

"The number one issue that each of the groups we've worked with has faced is funding adequate water for the trees and shrubs," said Nancy B. Anthony, executive director of the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. "This new program has eliminated that concern."

Neighborhoods that are registered with the Neighborhood Alliance of Central Oklahoma qualify to participate in the Community Beautification Water Program. For qualified neighborhoods that do not currently have access to water meters, backflow preventers and or frost-free hydrants installed in the neighborhood park or median, the program will provide such at no cost. The program takes effect on July 1.