MIDWEST CITY, Oklahoma - A pregnant Midwest City woman says she's been without air conditioning in her apartment for three weeks and she wants answers. 

Tiara Cain is three months pregnant, and lives at Spring Tree Apartments with her three-year-old daughter and her daughter's father. 

Cain says her window A/C unit has not worked for nearly a month.  She says a maintenance worker told her it was fixed Thursday, but she says it broke down again a short time later. 

The unit's breaker box also had sparks flying from it when News 9 came by Thursday afternoon.  Cain says she's concerned for her 3-year-old daughter because she is subject to seizures when she gets hot.

"It's very frustrating.  My daughter has a past of seizures and we're afraid the heat will cause her to have them again, and me being three months pregnant, this is ridiculous," Cain said.

A Spring Tree manager tells News 9 a new management team took over just a few days ago, and they are working as swiftly as they can to replace broken air conditioning units.