OKLAHOMA CITY - Prosecutors filed charges against an Oklahoma City couple accused in their baby's death.

According to court documents, on Friday, 19-year-old Miguel Soto and 20-year-old Alysha Anderson have been charged with one count of second- degree murder, and two counts of child neglect in the death of their 3-month-old baby.

Police said Miguel Soto and Alysha Anderson took their child, Nicole Soto, to Southwest Medical Center on June 3. They say the child was dead, and appeared to be horribly malnourished, weighing only three pounds.

Doctors said Nicole Soto had been extremely neglected and was under-weight. She appeared to have starved to death, and doctors said there was no medical reason for the child to be under-weight.

Court documents stated "the child looked like a frail skeleton with skin as there was no body fat. The skin on the legs and arm hung loose and baggy."

During her police interview, Alysha Anderson reportedly admitted she "smoked marijuana" on almost a "daily basis" and that she wanted to take the baby to the hospital earlier, but never did.

The child's 3-year-old brother and 22-month-old sister have been placed in protective custody. Court records show they were dirty and unkempt and that the little girl had a bad diaper rash.