OKLAHOMA CITY - OSBI agents foiled a murder-for-hire plot that seemed to be fueled by a love triangle.

OSBI says the suspect, Cody James Sweetman, was doing time in McClain County when he asked a fellow inmate to murder the new man in his ex-girlfriend's life. Shortly after that, the Sheriff's office and OSBI were notified. An investigation began and the plot soon thickened to include two would-be murder victims.

OSBI says Sweetman agreed to pay $1,500 for the hits and wanted it done in a certain way.

"He wanted [his ex-girlfriend] shot first in the head so this man could witness [the killing] and feel the same way that [Sweetman] was feeling," OSBI spokesperson Jessica Brown said.

Agents say the investigation started in late May after Sweetman approached an inmate in McClain County to carry out the deed. OSBI says that inmate contacted the Sheriff's office.

"[The inmate] felt that Mr. Sweetman was serious about this," Brown said.

An undercover agent with OSBI, posing as a hit man, called Sweetman to see if he still wanted the job carried out. According to court papers, Sweetman told the agent yes.

Sweetman and the agent met at the Sooner Mall in Norman on Monday to discuss the job. That's when OSBI says Sweetman asked the agent to kill his ex-girlfriend as well.

"Mr. Sweetman had any number of times that he could have backed off of this," Brown said.

The job was set to be carried out Tuesday evening. On Wednesday morning, Sweetman met with the agent for a final payment. That's when Sweetman was arrested on two counts of solicitation of murder.

OSBI says agents told the victims about Sweetman's intentions hours before his planned hit. It took agents just more than a week to complete the investigation and arrest Sweetman.